The Divan mattress is an affordable, comfortable option for those in need of a non-profiling mattress.

Covered with a cotton, woven material, the mattress also has a PVC, water resistant coating which allows the mattress to breathe. This is important, as the foam within will last longer and regain shape after use.

The Divan mattress includes:

  • 13.5 gauge
  • 3″inch diameter springs

Please note, the mattress has NO pressure relieving properties and is not suitable for a profiling bed. The vandal proof and Fire-Tech versions of this mattress are also available on request for challenging environments, or environments at increased risk of fire.



The National Bed Federation recommend that all mattresses should be turned once a month to allow for an even wear on the fillings, and to prevent mattress settlement. Turning a mattress is a condition of our manufacturer’s warranty and may invalidate the warranty if this is not done.


The mattress should be wiped down with a solution of mild disinfectant and water. Do not use neat disinfectant as this will eventually affect the waterproof membrane. The mattress should not be left for a long time with incontinent patients on them as in extreme cases, fluid has been known to seep to the edges of the mattress and through the tape edging.

Maximum User Weight: 127kg/20st
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