The Duke Active Mattress is a high-quality replacement mattress. Designed for a frailer user who could be vulnerable to developing pressure ulcers, the system provides a very high degree of pressure relief whilst protecting the user. It is recommended for use by a patient who is at very high risk of developing pressure ulcers, and for the treatment of up to stage 4 pressure ulcers.

The mattress is made up of 25 alternating air cells and 5 static pillow section cells. A 50mm integral foam base rests beneath the removable cell structure, providing more support and redistributing pressure where necessary



  • 30 independent cells provides more comfort and support
  • Alternating pressure relief distributes the bodyweight of the service user to provide treatment for pressure ulcers
  • Pillow section for patient stability
  • All cells interchangeable for ease of repair and cleaning
  • 4-way stretch welded PU cover which is vapour permeable, welded, water resistant and has a Crib 5 fire rating
  • The PU resists water to make the cells easier to clean
  • Very high risk
  • Substantial pressure relief for service users
  • Compatible with Harvest 2 and Harvest 3 pumps
  • Cable management system
  • Mattress weight: 9kg


Maximum User Weight: Select 165kg/26st or 247kg/39st

Product Specifications . . .

Mattress Dimensions


Max. Patient Weight

165kg/26st, 247kg/39st

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