The Rotational Active Mattress is a high-quality, replacement active mattress system which offers three-in-one therapy for the effective prevention of pressure ulcers. This includes lateral turning therapy, alternating therapy, and continuous low-pressure therapy. Designed to assist with pulmonary complications and treatment of existing pressure ulcers, the mattress is suitable for patients in need of regular re-positional changes where this cannot be achieved by the patient or carers.

During lateral turning therapy, the carer can achieve easier repositioning with support from the mattress. The mattress helps facilitate postural drainage, especially for immobile patients. Also, during lateral turning therapy, the alternating therapy can be activated simultaneously. This function improves circulation and skin reperfusion and provides effective pressure relief via selectable cycle time. The continuous low-pressure therapy can provide body immersion for optimal comfort as a larger skin area will be supported by lower air pressure. This active mattress can significantly lower the risk of pressure ulcers while helping carers facilitate repositioning with this automatic system.



  • Up to 30° of bilateral turning therapy to assist patient repositioning and enhance pressure relief
  • Offering extra support in the sacral area when in and during sitting position
  • Fast inflation time & electronic pressure control
  • Heel pressure relief function
  • Improving circulation & skin reperfusion
  • Lockout to avoid unauthorised changes to settings
  • Low pressure / power failure visual and audible alarms
  • CPR quick release facility
  • Complete with low friction and sheer vapour permeable, high flame retardant, water resistant cover
  • Transport mode
  • Cable management for a safe operational environment
  • Suitable for fully profiling beds
  • High to very high risk
Maximum User Weight: 180kg/28st

Product Specifications . . .

Mattress Dimensions


Pump Dimensions

341 x 165 x 260mm

Pump Weight


Pump Cycle Time

10, 15, 20, 25 min

Pump Voltage


Pressure Setting


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