This multi-purpose sling is designed to offer excellent support, and to be used for the majority of patients, including for bathing when using super soft material. Available in polyester which is versatile, breathable and durable.
It is also available in super soft 3-dimensional fabric which is breathable, very durable and provides excellent pressure distribution. Super soft fabric is also fast drying and therefore suitable for bathing.



  • Can be applied and removed while seated in a chair
  • Full padded support of upper thigh reduces hip rotation and abduction
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Available in Polyester and Super Soft material
  • Pocket in the back of the sling to aid proper fitting
  • Available with head support
  • Also available with clip fastening
  • Extra stitching to improve life and safe working load of the sling
  • Information stitched into label to protect when washing
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