The Windsor is Harvest Healthcare’s active replacement mattress designed for the prevention and management of pressure ulcers in patients at very high risk.

The mattress has 17 alternating air cells and 3 static pillow section cells for patient stability.

The Windsor mattress is an all-rounder for pressure area care solutions. Being made of a very soft and quiet material, it has got the critical factors to gain patient cooperation and concordance with pressure reduction therapy. It provides high levels of comfort and pressure care for users who find other alternating mattresses uncomfortable.



  • 20 cells made of pure PU, a softer and quieter material for patient comfort
  • Base sheet is a super easy wipe down material and has a Crib 5 fire rating
  • Pillow section for patient stability
  • All cells interchangeable for ease of repair and cleaning• 4-way stretch welded PU cover which is vapour permeable, welded, water resistant and has a Crib 5 fire rating
  • The PU resists water to make the cells easier to clean
  • Very high risk
  • Compatible with Harvest 2 and Harvest 3 pumps
  • Cable management system
  • Mattress weight: 10kg
Maximum User Weight: Select 184kg/29st or 254kg/40st

Product Specifications . . .

Max. Patient Weight

184kg/29st, 254kg/40st

Mattress Dimensions


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